is this a waltz?

going to quietly freak out over here briefly

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overslept, missed doctor’s appt, woke up at midday, spent four hours on internet, gave myself a computer headache. it’s going well

following previous post: I like that there are still labels that make sense to me, for me, but I also hate that I haven’t entirely adopted a new one yet (which in itself is FINE, this is only supposed to help my brain) and I’m already policing myself for not being ‘____’ enough

(like. yes brain, I’ve had sex before. big fucking whoop)

*quiet confused sexuality sideblogging*

…i think i may be more (grey)ace than previously assumed…

a) still awake

b) I’m such a JERK

please fuck off with your bullshit, Cambridge. and for once this means fellow students, as well as the institution itself.

I feel like I’m fucking exhausting to be around and I wonder why anyone still bothers

but I mean reading back some of my late-night diary entries is scary as hell

I shouldn’t stay up like this I know it’s bad for me

be better. do better. GOD