is this a waltz?

i. haven’t left the house in five days.


mum’s walking us down to the shop to get chocolate and then we’re going to watch Bake Off. she’s not always great (and sometimes she’s actively bad) at dealing with me and this, but when she’s good she’s good.

my brain is having a lonely day where i just want lots and lots of cuddles

but then my body is apparently having a ‘don’t fuCKING TOUCH ME’ day

i don’t. i don’t know what this is. it’s weird, more than anything.

what little understanding of my moods i had has gone completely out of the window

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look i’m just putting this here because it’s burning a hole in my head and my tongue and i have to put it somewhere but under a cut because i can’t figure the correct warnings but if the way it makes me feel is any guide it’s triggering as fuck

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going to quietly freak out over here briefly

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overslept, missed doctor’s appt, woke up at midday, spent four hours on internet, gave myself a computer headache. it’s going well

following previous post: I like that there are still labels that make sense to me, for me, but I also hate that I haven’t entirely adopted a new one yet (which in itself is FINE, this is only supposed to help my brain) and I’m already policing myself for not being ‘____’ enough

(like. yes brain, I’ve had sex before. big fucking whoop)

*quiet confused sexuality sideblogging*

…i think i may be more (grey)ace than previously assumed…